Fast & stable internet access for a variety of purposes is a necessity in today’s digital age. Not only used for personal use, Today, Internet has been used by millions people in the world for home use, businesses, schools, hospitals, malls, etc .. small to large companies also usually use it to recruit employees, analyze the markets or introduces their business to new customers through their website.

speedtestWhy go through the Intenet ?? because all the process will be much faster, administrative costs can also be reduced as well as can improve service and information to users or customers.

Users will experience many benefits from a fast internet connection, For personal use, for example, watch HD videos on Youtube, Netflix or other video sharing sites become faster, downloading large files from the world wide web and online shopping become easier, reading online magazines & recent news from around the world will be so much fun, play online games without lag too.

It’s also possible to build your own online store, etc. As for business purposes, users can easily contact clients, send important mails or documents via email, online chat, video conferencing, or promote the new products and services.

In order to get fast-speed of internet connection, users will need several networking devices like cable modem, wired/wireless router and Access Point. It is also required to subscribe to Internet Service Provider (ISP). In the United States, there are a variety of ISP like Time Warner Cable, Cox, Comcast XFinity, Charter, etc. They offer various fast internet package so you can choose the best one according to your needs, locations and budgets. When you subscribe to their service, you will have 2 options, buy your own cable modem or rent from them.. it’s up to you but we highly recommend you to have your own cable modem so you don’t need to pay monthly fees.

– Cable Modem

Cable Modem

Modem (Modulator Demodulator) is a small devices that can transform an analog signal do digital signal and vice versa. The simple function of a modem is to connect your laptop, PC or computer to an Internet network. Today, we can find 3 types of modem, they are Dial Up, ADSL and Cable Modem. If you want to get high speed & stable internet connection, using a cable modem will be the best solution. With a cable modem, you can get download speed up to 500Mbps (depends on your ISP), it’s perfect for any business, home office use or online activities. Before you buy a cable modem, make sure your computer have at least one Ethernet port to transmit data. Here are some the best cable modem in the market.

– Wireless Router

Router is a computer network hardware that can be used to connect multiple networks and used to transmit data packets over a network or the internet, and the process called routing. Routers are sometimes used to make a connection between two networks using different media. The main function of a wireless router is to divide and distributes a static IP address or DHCP to all computer/PC which is being connected to the router wirelessly. With unique IP address that is shared by the router to each computer, it’s become possible for each computer to connect and communicate to each other, be it via LAN or internet.

Watch this short video about wireless router buyer’s guide

Today, features of the best wireless routers are more modern and sophisticated .. Why ?? because they use wireless connectivity to distribute IP address to each computer in a network. It’s mean a router can be easily connected to other wireless-enabled devices like computers, notebooks, smartphones, tablet, game consoles, etc as long as these devices are within router range.  This device is not only used in an office, hospitals, etc but many home owners also use the best home wireless router for their business, jobs, etc and don’t forget.. Many professional gamers out there prefer to use the best gaming wireless router to enjoy lag free HD online gaming (multiplayer) and get the best gaming experience and there are also a variety of best routers under $100 that are sold at very affordable price.

– Cable Modem Router Combo

Wireless Router Access Point

When you buy a modem router combo product, you can save more money because 2 main functions (Router & Modem) is packed into one device. Once the modem connect to the Internet, its wireless router will turn on automatically, then all of your wireless enabled devices can use your Internet connection at the same time.

– Wireless Access Point

In computer networking, a Wireless Access Point is a hardware that allow other wireless devices like laptop, smartphones, or Tablet PCs connect to a cable network using Wi-Fi or bluetooth technology. This WAP is usually connected to a router and user can use it send or receive various data between wireless devices (like laptop or wireless printer), but we can also find the best wireless access point is packed with other functions like cable modem and wireless router too.

In a simple sentence, an Access Point is a devices that can be used to make wireless connectivity in a computer network. The main function of an access point is making computer network works wirelessly. It also allows multiple clients connect to each other through a network.

– Wireless Range Extender

Basically, wifi range extender aka repeater is an add-on device for a networking environment but sometime it will become an important part on your network especially if you live in large home or working in a big office. Although you have been subscribed with high speed internet service and have high-end wireless router as well as wireless-enabled devices (mobile phones, tablets, game consoles, etc) but it will be useless if the wireless signal is weak or even can’t reach some areas on your home or office or the signal (we call this as “Dead Zones/Spots”). That’s why you will need the best wireless extender or wifi booster because it is one of the easiest ways to improve the range of your existing wireless network.

– Travel Router

If you need to access internet while on the go or when you are away from your home or office, we recommend you to bring a travel router in your bag. With these routers, mobile professionals or people on-the-go can connect the internet at anytime. Use a travel router in locations that only offer wired Internet connection or if you want to connect to a wireless hotspot then create a secure and private wi-fi network with a strong firewall protection.

You can use the connection to your notebook, smartphones or tablet PCs and of course you can also share it to your friends, families or anyone traveling with you. The best travel routers out there come equipped with USB ports that is compatible with portable hard drives, so you will be able to share files or even stream media over your network, also they usually come with Ethernet port, can also be used as an access point, bridge and extender, support WPS and Built-in power bank that lets you to charge smartphones easily.

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