Zoom 5341 Cable modem has received many positive reviewss from customers because it can provides fast and reliable connection. This modem will become a bridge between your computer and world wide web so you can enjoy high-speed internet transmission that can be used to support all your activities, watch live stream via your computer screen becomes more stable and faster, play multiplayer online game would be more fun, etc.

This modem has simple design so that users can install and use it with ease. You can also share this Modem to other devices quickly, you can connect it directly to your PC, wired or wireless router so the other devices can use your network too.

The Zoom 5341 has been equipped with DOCSIS 3.0 technology and support IPv4 and IPv6 networking. In terms of compatibility, this modem fully compatible with Comcast, Cox, Time Warner Cable (TWC) and other provides. It has fast data speed, with download speed of 343Mbps and upload speed of 123Mbps. It is also packed with fast ethernet connectivity to support its DOCSIS 3.0 and very fast data transfer as well as provides easy installation with almost all OS and both wired or wireless routers.

Just like other cable modems that we have reviewed before, this Zoom modem also comes with 5 LEDs for status-reporting and make users easy to monitoring status of network. The manufacturer also includes a stand that can easily fit into any rooms or environments, so you can choose to place this modem horizontally or vertically.