Securifi Almond is a compact wireless router + extender that has been equipped with a LAN port and 2-Port Fast Ethernet. Although looks unremarkable but it has exquisite design because once you turn it on, you can find colorful 2.8 inch touchscreen navigation. Most of the routers must be configured using a Laptop or other mobile devices (tablets or smartphones) but Almonds is different because you can configure it directly from its touchscreen.


Image Credit : wikimedia

Although the configuration can complete in just minutes using its Touchscreen Wizard, users also can configure all settings easily using a PC or tablet’s web browser and the design of web interface itself looks similar to the touchscreen and it’s easy to operate. This is one more example of the ease of use Securifi Almond.

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The Securifi Almond not only can works as a standard router with speed up to 300Mbps, but it can also be used as a wifi range extender and access point that lets you connect Ethernet-only devices to your existing wireless network. All this feature make this router perfect for home or office use.

If you want to works with its wifi router, you need to pair it to your cable modem or DSL or Fiber modem. In case you feel unsatisfied with the range of your wireless router, you can use Almond’s wifi extender feature to boost the signal of wireless from an existing router. Using this way, Almond will deliver strong wireless signal to all corners of your home or rooms.

In terms of security features, the manufacturer puts customer security in their priority. Each Almond router has different SSID and password meanwhile SSID’s ‘nomap’ tag will prevent Google to tracks your position/location data, etc.

General Spesifications

Wireless type : 802.11bgn
Speed : up to 300Mbps
Connectivity ports : 2 LAN + 1 WAN
Power Supply: 5V, 1A

Compatibility :

Operating System : PC, Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android, XBOX
Range Extender : Apple, Netgear, Linksys, etc.

You should not hesitate to use Securifi Almond because it is one of the best selling wireless router in the market, and most users are very satisfied with the performance and quality of this router. If you want to try something new in your wireless network, it’s time to try securifi Almond.