Here’s one of the most versatile and excellent portable wireless router on the market, light and travel friendly, the RAVPower RP-WD02. If you want to travel and want to connect to the internet wirelessly just by using a simple but powerful device so that you can share your hotspot, important data and files such as movies, music or photo to others at the same time, this router may be a very good choice for you. Another advantage of this device is, it has multifunction capabilities where it can works as ;


  1. Can works as a powerful wifi router in a hotel that only has wired internet connection, has also been equipped with Access Point & Bridge mode.
  2. The RAVPower RP-WD02 can recognize and read your micro sd cards and connect to USB drive to your electronic device like smartphone, tablet, notebook, laptop.
  3. It also allow users to stream/share multimedia contents (chromecast, Roku, media players, etc) and files to other connected devices (up to 5) simultanously (at the same time).
  4. Has built-in 6000mAh backup battery that can be used to charges your phones or tablets while on the go.
  5. Additional external storage that allow users to backup photos, videos, or other large files from your smartphones, tablets, hard drives, and so forth.

It’s easy to install and use. It will instantly convert wired network into wireless connection (Access Point/Router/Bridge) When you find an Internet cable (wired) in a hotel, simply plug the cable into this FileHub router and you can start to enjoy wireless connection for free. You can also use it as a regular DSL or cable modem and once you complete its settings, you can enjoy wifi connection speed of up to 150Mbps then share the connection with your friends or family by using its bridge connection.

NAll FileHub operation can be easily to be operated using a free official application “rav filehub”. You can download this app in Apple Store, Amazon or Google Playstore for free. Just search “FileHub Plus” for free.

Overall, this router is very recommended not only for personal use but also for busy people who wants to connect to the internet easily on mobile device. Available in both black and white and you’ll not be disappointed with its quality.