You must use the best router in case you have a lot of gadgets (smartphones, tablets, PCs, laptop, etc) that need to connect to the internet or to each other at home. The Netgear N900 (WNDR4500) would be an excellent choice for you and you can purchase on your favorite online stores and this router up and running in approximately 5 minutes.

Image source : Netgear Youtube

To begin installation process, you need to simply link the cable and the power then you can connect the computer directly to the Netgear router. You will not need CD-ROM to start the installation, instead you only need to connect to a webpage using your web browser. Then, you just type router or you can insert (localhost) in the browser address and after you press enter button, it will take you to the NETGEAR Genie application. From this Genie, you can do many things, including set up the basics of your network or you can also manage and modify the advanced features as well.

The router boasts DLNA functionality and it is also packed with a pair of USB ports, so if you want to hook up printers or hard disk drives, you can do it easily. The Genie program is very easy to use, has a really simple user interface and straight forward menu that can help you to notify any status changes on your network. It easy to monitor everything is perfectly connected to the router.

The router also comes with a clear base so it is possible to stand it vertically and the size is slightly larger if you compare with the majority of routers. Despite having Ethernet cables attached, the WNDR4500 router with the base is stable enough to not tip over. Even though the device has very good features, this router is well worth the money spent. This dual band gigabit router (2.4GHz & 5GHz) can work well too if you want to play online multiplayer gaming or watching streamed HD content, thanks to its Advance QoS feature. It can delivers quite a powerful signal so you can connect faster and easily in just about every area in your home.

Here are some key features of this router ;

  • It has better range so it also ideal for larger homes
  • The speed of wireless is faster —Up to 900 Mbps
  • ReadySHARE feature for USB hard drive, printer as well as Cloud, you can make a connection between a standard storage device to this router than make it accessible to users on your network.
  • Gigabit wired which is awesome for high defenition gaming & straming video.
  • NETGEAR genie allow you to control almost anything on yout home network.
  • Easy to be paired to various wireless enabled devices (iPads, tablets, smartphones, and computers)

If you want to read more about features, prices, etc, we highly recommend you to visit Amazon because you can find the details of this Netgear N900 (WNDR4500) router in their webpage and you can also read reviews from other customers.