Today, the use of wireless router is not something new.. This device has been used in various places like in the house, apartement offices or even public areas like schools, cafe or even shopping center. The intended use of this device as we already know is  to provide internet networks for  the residents or visitors of that place.


Image source : Netgear

But sometimes, the wireless signal range of a wireless router can be reduced. Usually caused by the construction of a room or building such as concrete, wood, glass, metal or other materials that is located in a room that can interfere with the transmission of signals to be distributed to other rooms.

If you are in this situaton, you will need an additional networking device called “Wi-Fi extender”. It is able to expand the signal coverage of a wireless router. One of the best wi-fi range extender that you can find in the market is NETGEAR N300 (ex2700). This product has been used by many people around the world because it offers many great features and with affordable price.

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The Netgear N300 (ex2700) can deliver wireless speed of up to 300Mbps and with convenient wall-plug design so you don’t need a lot of space on your room to make it works. This unit can be paired with a variety of any standard WiFi router and is perfect for online gaming or video streaming. With this extender, all your wireless-enabled devices (iPads, smartphones, tablets, laptops, & more) can get better signal for internet connectivity.

This wifi range extender comes equipped with two external antennas (on the left and right as you see above) for better performance and to make the speed higher, Fast Ethernet Port to make all your wired devices (Gaming consoles, AV receivers, etc) connect to your wireless network.

Overall, this wireless range extender is an ideal choice for those of you who want to reduces dead zones as well as increase the network’s signal strength around your houses or offices network’s signal strength. You can keep your devices connect to the network anytime and anywhere as you move around your home.

If you feel interested with the NETGEAR N300 (ex2700) and want to find more details and read reviews, you can find it at Amazon or click here to find the best wifi range extender in the market