More than ever, families are now finding a fact that they really can not go on family camping, holidays or outings without a little bit of access to the internet. Internet have made life on the road easier, and internet also makes it much easier to keep in touch and coordinate many things among family members. Over the time, wireless mobile hotspots have become the new “in” our real life, hotspot can make all the mobile devices can connect to the Internet only using one wireless connection.


image credit : flickr

Basically, the use of a mobile hotspot is very easy. Almost every smartphones or tablets have been equipped with hotspot feature and each can handle up to (at the very least) 5 different devices. Each mobile hotspot also can manages family member to connect to the internet, they are really-really easy to use.

Using a mobile hotspot on your family of course could significantly reduce the cost of wireless internet. Many internet service providers are charging upwards of $30, $40, or even $50 a month for each mobile phone data plan, as well as other ISP similar to mobile hotspots. Just imagine, by only using a single mobile hotspot feature on your smartphone/tablet and subscribing to a single data service, you could drastically reduce how much your family spends per month on internet access.

For families who are concerned about the data security, there are also some features that can help to protect user data including WPS enabled WiFi Security. This feature is easy to use and it is being packed in all mobile hotspots nowadays. This feature is very important especially for families who who frequently shop online, or for families who need to share a lot of important or private information through Wi-Fi networks. for parents who are busy with their work, the prospects of simply pressing the WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) button is certainly much easier than wading trough complex WPA2, Subnet or even IP configurations to make sure the mobile connections for the whole family are safe and secure.

Another good feature for both families or businesses is the availability of Memory Card Slot that usually comes on most new mobile hotspot devices. With this feature, it’s going to be easier to transfer a lot of files and images from device to device using those flash cards. Not all mobile hotspots have been equipped with flashcard slots, so it is become important to check for this useful feature if you want to sharing content easily.