HooToo Travel Router has become one of the best Travel Router in the market. With its portable & small design which is also paired with its excellent functionality, this product become a favorite of many people in recent years. By using this router, it will be easier to to convert your wired network to wireless with amazing range. You can bridge your old wifi network too by creating your own secure wireless network directly from this unit.

Router by HooToo

Image Source : HooToo

The HooToo Wireless Router can operate with 3 power options, USB port from your PC/Laptop, USB adapt Charger and Powerbank.. Weighing only 1 oz, you have the freedom to choose the easiest and most comfortable way to turn on this router. Once you own this device, you will realize that it is smaller and even lighter than you were expecting.

If you are on a vacation now and want to access the Internet in public areas like hotels, restaurants, etc with a secure way, HooToo router can be a good solution to meet your needs. It only takes a few minutes to read the whole instructions and then you can settings and install it to your network quickly. Very simple with plug and play.

The manufacturer also packs it with an application called “HooToo TripMate” (Available for free in Play Store and Apple Store) that allow you to control the device with your finger. Access your media files wirelessly (without having to use any wires.)

Some of the best places to install this small router are ;

  1. Hotel
    Perfect for Hotels where there is only single access to Internet. Just use this portable router to connect to the network and you can share the connections.  You can use your iPhone, Laptop, Apple TV or Roku while in your hotels.
  2. Home
    If you connect this HooToo router to a DSL or Cable Modem, it will work as a standard router. Overall, all 3 functions (WAP, Bridge and Wifi LAN) ready to operate anytime you want.
  3. Office
    Feeling tired continuously be in front of your laptop while at the office ?? You can turn this router into useable Wi-Fi so that you can use your smartphone or tablets to connect to the Internet.
  4. Coffee Shops, restaurants, etc

Although this TripMate Nano router is powerful but it has some disadvantages as follow ;

  1. You can’t use it for IP (internet protocol) Camera, Printer and FTP path
  2. Can’t be used as a proxy server
  3. Its ethernet port only works as a WAN input port
  4. Application for Windows-based smartphones is not yet available
  5. Supports some file systems like NTFS/FAT16/FAT32
  6. Can’t bridge an iPhone hotspot.
  7. USB power adapter is not included

Although this router can work with ethernet cable, some users said that it is recommended for you to set it on Wifi then rebroadcast the signal with a different (unique password) so anyone who use this router will also be protected from online crime.