The Cisco DPC3010 also a good cable modem for delivering high-speed data services. With DOCSIS 3.0 technology, this modem is capable to delivering internet speed over 340Mbps for download and 120 Mbps for uploads. It also comes with gigabit ethernet port so you can connect this product easily to your wireless router or computer and support 3 different levels of speed, 10/100/1000 Mbps. If you are looking for an affordable cable modem, then try this one. It works with with major US Cable Providers, but make sure contact your ISP first and ask them whether this modem compatible with their service.

Cisco designs the DPC3010 modem to meets DOCSIS 3.0 specs and offering backward compatible to existing DOCSIS 2.0, 1.1 and 1.0 networks. It also has WebWizard, so setup can be done easily within your web browser. This wizard is a simple yet powerful tool that can help you to eleminates load set-up software software during installation or troubleshooting.

Pros :

– There are 5 LEDs (dual color) in its front panel including online indicator, these lights show you status of modem and data transmission in real time.
– Compact size so it ill not take up much space at your workspace, stand vertically
– Quick setup
– Cisco includes a USB connectivity that allow it connects to a USB port on your PC
– The latest technologies have been supported, including Gigabit for High-Speed Networking and direct connection to your home router and USB devices.

Cons :

– According to users,┬áthis Cisco DPC3010 cable modem will not work with Comcast and Time Warner Cable.

Conclusion ;

If you need an affordable modem to accompany your online activities, shopping, browsing, gaming, watch streaming, etc.. this modem is ideal for you to use. Most users expressed their satisfaction using this modem because of the speed that they get quite stable while some other users said that the speed of their Internet after using this modem slightly increased. All in all, don’t forget to call your ISP before you make decide to buy this modem.