A wireless bridge is a device used to join two physically separated wired networks. Generally one uses two wireless bridge devices, one on each side of the “bridge”, each connected to a separate wired network.

It is uncommon to find a device that can only operate as a wireless bridge. In most cases one finds devices that can operate as wireless access points, wireless repeaters or wireless bridges. The Securifi Almond is one good example of one such multi-functional device. Some manufacturers, however, sell devices that can only function as bridges. Often such devices will have more straightforward setup procedures.

Do I need a Wireless Bridge?

A wireless bridge is useful for a home or workplace with at least two independent LANs that need to be connected. Often the LANs can be far enough apart that an ethernet cable installation is inconvenient, but still within WiFi range of each other. In such cases a wireless bridge device connected to each LAN can bridge the gap and join the LANs together. In some cases though, for example if all the devices in one LAN have wireless capability, a wireless repeater may be an easier solution.

What are the best wireless Bridge 2019 ??

If you visit online store like Amazon, you can find a variety of the best wireless bridges and most of them have also been packed with other functios like wireless router, access point as well as range extender, if you are looking for an inexpensive wireless bridge for your home office, we recommend you to try the TP-Link Wireless N300 2T2R but if you want wireless bridge with touchscreen feature, there is Securifi Almond that can be installed within 3 minutes or less or do you want to buy wifi bridge for travelling ??, if so, you can consider the TP-Link N300 (TL-WR802N) or the RAVPower RP-WD02. In case you are looking for a strong wifi router with Bridge feature, you should check out the ASUS RT-AC5300 below because it is a tri-band router and also equipped with MU-MIMO technology. There are many products available for you so you can choose the best one according to your needs.

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What to look for in a Wireless Bridge

The most important features to keep in mind when looking to buy a wireless bridge are compatibility, range and ease of setup:

Compatibility: The cutting edge in high-speed wireless connection is Wireless-N. Wireless-N has the capacity needed to support the heavy bandwidth use that modern digital technology is beginning to demand. It also boasts extended range compared to older standards. While it is important to obtain devices with Wireless-N support, providing for backwards compatibility is also crucial since not all computers and devices are compatible with Wireless-N technology. A wireless device with b/g/n compatibility is a good investment, helping to avoid compatibility issues at present while being prepared for the gradual shift towards Wireless-N. If using two wireless bridges, having both use Wireless-N will ensure that your bridged network runs as smoothly as possible.

Range: It is important to obtain devices with enough range to bridge the gap between the isolated LANs. Most current devices that can be used as a bridge have high ranges with multiple antennae – but it is always a good idea to look at some reviews to get a better idea of the range.

Setup: The ease of setup will depend on the type of device: a dedicated wireless bridge is likely to be easier to setup than a general-purpose wireless device.