As the high technology industry continues to grow and develop, we can find more and more types of routers on the market. One of the most popular router these days is the ADSL router. So the first question is, “What is ADSL router?” I hear you ask. Firstly, the letters ADSL stand for “asymmetric digital subscriber line,’ while with a router you can connect computers and similar devices to each other via radio or wire. An ADSL router offers fast data transmission through the telephone lines.

Cable Modem

Another name for an ADSL router is a DSL modem. The function of this modem is to connect your PC or computer to a DSL phone line to be able to use the ADSL service. Within the ADSL router you can find an ADSL Terminal Unit-Remote, aka ATU-R. It provides a variety of functions, like modulation, framing, as well as demodulation. The interfaces are USB or Ethernet. It is not like the modem known as “voiceband,” the ADSL router is not placed inside the computer. It is totally external hardware, often connected via USB, and as it is so standalone device and it is not necessarily recognized by computer operating systems.

The great advantage about the ADSL router is that, unlike the voice-band modem, it doesn’t work on the phone frequencies and it will also not interfere with any voice services. In fact, you can connect to the Internet simultanously when others are using your telephone lines without causing any problems. This is one of a great benefit for those who work at home or need a stable connection to the Internet and don’t want to deal with any interference by other devices.

Like anything else, if you want to buy an ADSL router, First of all, you must do some research to make sure that it will meet your needs. Among the best tips on how to start is to read as many reviews from users of the product as you can find. As long as you know or understand the complex PC terminology in most of them, you will get an idea of what kind of router you are looking for. And in case you do not understand with it, it is recommended for you to find someone who does that has time to read them for you.

You will also need to ask yourself, what your ADSL router will be used for. Do you need this device for your home and small business, or are you the head of a major corporation that want to upgrade the Intranet system of your company ?? or maybe you want to purchase an ADSL router for your personal computer at home or for online gaming ?? Basically, Each of these purposes will require different kind of router. For that reason, you should do your own research deeper and efficiently so that your router will last for a long time.

Once you have worked out these criteria, the next step is to look into prices. You can check the price of this modem on various online stores and you can also compare features between one device with another.

Now that you’ve worked out these criteria, you are ready to order the ADSL router of your choice and I hope you get much successful communications with your new ADSL router.