Hello there.. we are very pleased with your presence here.. I’m Triana, creator of the pickmodemrouter.com. Yes, in this website, you can find various review about product that can help you to connect to the Internet and build your own network (home to office), like cable modem, wireless routers and access points, approved modems for various Internet Service Provider, and much more.

For now, I am using mobile broadband modem to connect to the Internet.. A few years ago, I use 2 different cable modem. The first product, I only use a cable modem and use Ethernet and USB cable to connect my Laptop to the modem so I can access the Internet, but my second cable modem has been equipped with wireless router and access point too. It is easier to use because I can connect my Laptop to the modem using USB cable and my other wireless-enabled devices connect using WiFi connectivity.. all devices can connect at the same time.

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