Travel wireless router is the latest innovation in the wifi internet industry. It has become very popular and very useful device for travelers because by using this type of router, people can access the internet while on-the-go, anytime. It can help users to do many different things from sharing various files or internet connection, stream favorite shows or movies to other wireless-enabled devices in a vehicle while in the hotel, restaurant, etc. Below you can find some of the best portable travel wireless routers 2017 on the market.

1. HooToo Wireless Travel Router

The HooToo travel router has sleek as well as portable design make it perfect for travelers who want to connect to the Internet all the time. Although it has small size, which is only weighted 1oz, and portable device but the features are powerful, it is become easier to connect to media streaming and watch your videos, photos or listening music on your smartphones, media players, or other DLNA-based devices. You can turn a wired network to wifi easily, it can also become a bridge for an existing wireless network, and much more. More details can be seen here.


The TL-WR802N allow you to make a private wireless hotspot anywhere you are as long as an Internet connection can be accessed then share the connection to family or friends.. The power comes from a wall outlet or an USB port. It compatible with a variety of 2.4GHz devices like Chromecast and delivers speed of up to 300Mbps that is ideal for online video streaming, internet calls or even online gaming without lag. The device can also works as Access Point, Client, Extender or WISP.

3. RAVPower FileHub Plus

The RAVPower FileHub Plus is one of the best wireless routers for travelling that can also be used as an access point. You only need to plug in the ethernet cable then this router will turn it wireless. Simple yet efficient. The size is very small, make it easy to be placed on your pocket or laptop bag. The configuration of this travel wireless router  is easy, just plug & play then it will be ready to use. The device can handle up to 5 mobile devices and connect at the same time. Other features include, SD Card Reader and Chromecast compatibility.

4. TP-Link N150 wifi Router (TL-WR702N)

Another great Travel Router by TP-Link, the TL-WR702N. It is the world’s smallest wireless router and very easy to install and use. If you are in a hotel room and want to create a wireless hotspot, just plug WAN Cable into the port provided then inserts its default password. This product also comes with a Micro USB port which means you can plug the TL-WR702N into your PC’s USB port and share your Wi-fi connection to others. Also supports, Access Point, Bridge, Client and Repeater. Meanwhile for security features that provides extra protection to your wireless network., it comes equipped with WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK encryptions.

5. ZyXEL Wireless N 3-in-1 MWR102

The The ZyXEL MWR102 is a great travelling companion for those who needs fast and easy wifi internet access while on the go. It has portable design that can fits into your pocket or laptop case, handbags, etc. Has three different functions and all works perfectly anytime you need it, Router, access point and Bridge. The MWR102 runs on 2.4GHz band with data transfer rates up to 150Mbps. Creating a protected wifi connection couldn’t be simpler because each product has different SSID. To give the customers the maximum data security, it is packed wiyh WEP, WPA, and WPA2 encryption while to avoid the risk of Internet attacks, firewall features like NAT, VPN and SPI as well also can be found inside it.